8 Physical Fitness Goals for Physical and Mental Health

The purpose of physical fitness is to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Physical fitness exercise that is done regularly will make a person’s body healthier and of course fitter.

Physical fitness training is a sports activity that aims to increase endurance and muscle strength, as well as train balance and flexibility. This exercise can also reduce the risk of disease and burn calories effectively.

Sports that can be done as physical fitness exercises are aerobic exercise for endurance, yoga for flexibility and balance, and lifting weights for muscle strength.

Physical fitness goals that are very important for health and fitness can certainly support you to be smooth in carrying out daily activities.

Physical Fitness Goals

Promote blood circulation

The goal of physical fitness is to reduce the risk of heart disease. This is because regular exercise can help improve blood circulation in the body. That way, the risk of … Read More

In your 40s, this is the protein you need

Want to know how important protein and food are sources protein for the body? This nutrient plays a role in the formation of muscles, antibodies, hormones, and body tissues. Not only that, but protein is also responsible for repairing damaged cells. Isn’t it really important?

Basically, everyone needs protein, from children to the elderly. Well, given the importance of protein function, we should not forget to include protein sources in the daily menu. Protein can provide sufficient food sources with balanced nutritional benefits needed by the body.

Then, what protein sources do parents or those over 40 years old choose?


Of the many types of fish, tuna and salmon are fish that we can try as food sources of protein. Tuna is low in fat and calories. Most of it is protein. Approximately one ounce of tuna contains 30 grams of protein.

Another tuna, another salmon. Fish that … Read More

9 Principles of Healthy Eating Dinner while Fasting

When fasting, dinner time is just as important as sahur or iftar. Our bodies need adequate nutritional intake so as not to limp, especially after not eating and drinking for almost a full day.

According to Prof. Hardinsyah, General Chairperson of PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia and Professor of Nutrition Science at FEMA IPB in the Lecture and Discussion session on Food, Drinks, Ramadan Health, and Lebaran Healthy Lines, there are at least 9 principles of healthy dinner that we can apply during fasting.

That way, the body will stay healthy, and the immune system will be maintained, especially when fasting in the midst of a pandemic. What principles should we apply? Here’s the full review:

Food and drink

Iftar alone is not enough to be able to restore the body’s energy lost after fasting for approximately 13 hours. For that, we also need to eat a balanced diet at dinner.… Read More

Vegetarian: 7 reasons why vegetarians live longer

Vegetarian- Becoming a vegetarian or consuming food that is more derived from plants has many benefits for the health of the body. One of them is longevity. Because they eat healthy foods that can support overall body health.

Here is another reason why vegetarians can have a great chance of living a long life as reported by boldsky.com.

Lower blood pressure

Certain types of vegetables such as cucumbers can lower your blood pressure. Because cucumber is high in water content it which is useful for neutralizing your blood pressure.

Healthy heart

Eating lots of vegetables can make an important contribution to reducing elevated cholesterol and clogged arteries. As a result, their hearts became healthier.

Improve mental health

Vegetables along with fruits provide many important nutrients that are beneficial for your mental health and emotional stability. In addition, the use of certain hormones in commercially produced meat products can bring about … Read More

Healthy: 7 important reasons to eat more vegetables

Healthy- Vegetables are super healthy foods that you should consume every day. Unfortunately, many people don’t like vegetables, even adults. Many adults think that not eating vegetables will not have a big effect on your health because you have always felt that your body is quite healthy.

If you have that thought, here are the reasons why you should eat vegetables every day.

Help reduce weight

If you are trying to lose weight, eat lots of vegetables instead of carbohydrates. Vegetables that are rich in water and fiber will get rid of toxins and fat in the body. While the fiber content is able to make you always feel full.

Brighten skin

People who diligently eat vegetables will have a more radiant skin appearance than those who do not eat them. Because the content of carotenoids in vegetables can make your skin smooth and shiny.

Improve eyesight

The content … Read More

Diet: 11 Workouts to Lose Weight

Diet– If you are on a diet program, exercise is important to lose weight to be more effective. You need to exercise regularly and regularly. So that your weight or diet becomes more leverage. In addition to regular exercise, you must regulate your daily food intake to lose weight effectively.

Expand the consumption of healthy foods that contain lots of protein, so that the maximum weight loss process and body health are maintained. Launching from the Hello Sehat page of the Ministry of Health, there are several sports that you can do to lose weight:


Walking is one of the easiest exercises to do when you want to lose weight. The reason is, you don’t need to need special sports equipment and you can do it anywhere. For example, you can walk around the housing complex for 30 minutes every day. If done regularly, the weight loss … Read More

  • Denise Austin, 65, recently strutted the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway during Miami Swim Week with her daughter, Katie Austin, 20.
  • Denise revealed in a recent interview that her “mission in life” is to make other women feel good.
  • “I want to inspire women of all ages to keep going—it’s worth it. Being this age is so fun.”

Denise Austin made a name for herself in the ’90s thanks to her iconic fitness videos. Now, some 30-odd years later, she’s proving she’s just as fit as ever, strutting down the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway with her 20-year-old daughter Katie Austin.

During the heartwarming mother-daughter moment, the pair were all smiles while showing off their insanely-toned abs (and arms, and legs) in neutral-toned string bikinis. Denise flooded her Instagram with photos and videos following her strut down the runway, expressing how much she enjoyed and appreciated the experience.

One of her posts

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INDIANAPOLIS — After agreeing to a 10-year contract in November, Penn State coach James Franklin thinks the university is positioned to compete for championships.

Franklin praised the hiring of athletic director Pat Kraft, a former football player at Indiana, and university president Neeli Bendapudi from Louisville. He noted that Penn State had both an interim athletic director and interim president when he took the coaching job in January 2014, when the university was still reeling from the child sexual abuse charges involving former football assistant Jerry Sandusky.

“For the first time, the alignment is the way it should be,” Franklin told ESPN. “I mean this in total respect. We’re doing things and making decisions to move past. It’s not all in response, which is what I’ve been living with for eight years. We’re finally at that point, and that’s powerful.”

Franklin, who is 67-34 at Penn State, had been mentioned

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If you like the athletic look, you’ll love these shoes.


Golf-shoe style sure has come a long way.

The footwear that was once pretty standard — usually black, white or a two-toned saddle — is now almost indistinguishable from your everyday shoes, whether they’re slip-ons or gym-ready.

That’s a good thing, especially if comfort is a priority. If you find it painful to part with your favorite trainers when heading out for a round, now you basically don’t have to. The 10 shoes below possess nearly all of the comfort bells and whistles as your gym shoes, optimized for the course with a soft-spike sole.

Check them out in detail below, and for more stylish shoes for your game, visit GOLF’s Pro Shop.

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product,

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The SN Rushmore project named four pro athletes from the 13 cities that have had at least four of the following five leagues represented for at least 20 years – NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA. While there were no hard-and-fast rules pertaining to the athletes selected, our panel of experts considered individual resumes, team success and legacy within the sports landscape of each city. Multiple players from the same franchise were allowed, and not every franchise needed to be represented. All sports fans have an opinion on this topic. This is ours.

The Bay Area isn’t necessarily synonymous with the word grit, and neither are many of the best pro athletes to ever call it home. Rice, Montana, Bonds, Mays, Henderson, McCovey and Barry all made greatness look so damn Stephortless.

But then you dig a little deeper and start to understand what makes them great.

MORE: See The Sporting

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EUGENE, Ore., July 25 (Reuters) – Tobi Amusan’s record-breaking performance in the 100 metres hurdles event at the World Championships on Sunday dragged the spotlight back on shoe technology but the Nigerian said her display had little to do with her footwear.

Amusan, who was wearing Adidas Adizero Avanti shoes designed for runners who compete in 5-10 km races, cruised to the 100m hurdles gold in what was announced as a world record 12.06 seconds but later ruled ineligible due to excessive wind speed. read more

She had already broken the world record earlier in the day by running 12.12 in her semi-final at Hayward Field. read more

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“My abilities are not centred around spikes,” Amusan told The Guardian, revealing that she had hit upon the idea to use customised shoes with bouncy foam due to an injury.

“I had patella

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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Sports Nutrition Market Research Report by Product (Sports Drink, Sports Foods, and Sports Supplements), Distribution Channel, State – United States Forecast to 2027 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com’s offering.

The United States Sports Nutrition Market size was estimated at USD 2,428.04 million in 2021, USD 2,853.33 million in 2022, and is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13.84% to reach USD 5,285.20 million by 2027.

Market Segmentation & Coverage:

This research report categorizes the Sports Nutrition to forecast the revenues and analyze the trends in each of the following sub-markets:

  • Based on Product, the market was studied across Sports Drink, Sports Foods, and Sports Supplements. The Sports Drink is further studied across Hypertonic, Hypotonic, and Isotonic. The Sports Foods is further studied across Energy Bars, Protein Bars, and Protein Gels. The Sports Supplements is further
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