8 Physical Fitness Goals for Physical and Mental Health

The purpose of physical fitness is to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Physical fitness exercise that is done regularly will make a person’s body healthier and of course fitter.

Physical fitness training is a sports activity that aims to increase endurance and muscle strength, as well as train balance and flexibility. This exercise can also reduce the risk of disease and burn calories effectively.

Sports that can be done as physical fitness exercises are aerobic exercise for endurance, yoga for flexibility and balance, and lifting weights for muscle strength.

Physical fitness goals that are very important for health and fitness can certainly support you to be smooth in carrying out daily activities.

Physical Fitness Goals

Promote blood circulation

The goal of physical fitness is to reduce the risk of heart disease. This is because regular exercise can help improve blood circulation in the body. That way, the risk of … Read More

In your 40s, this is the protein you need

Want to know how important protein and food are sources protein for the body? This nutrient plays a role in the formation of muscles, antibodies, hormones, and body tissues. Not only that, but protein is also responsible for repairing damaged cells. Isn’t it really important?

Basically, everyone needs protein, from children to the elderly. Well, given the importance of protein function, we should not forget to include protein sources in the daily menu. Protein can provide sufficient food sources with balanced nutritional benefits needed by the body.

Then, what protein sources do parents or those over 40 years old choose?


Of the many types of fish, tuna and salmon are fish that we can try as food sources of protein. Tuna is low in fat and calories. Most of it is protein. Approximately one ounce of tuna contains 30 grams of protein.

Another tuna, another salmon. Fish that … Read More

9 Principles of Healthy Eating Dinner while Fasting

When fasting, dinner time is just as important as sahur or iftar. Our bodies need adequate nutritional intake so as not to limp, especially after not eating and drinking for almost a full day.

According to Prof. Hardinsyah, General Chairperson of PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia and Professor of Nutrition Science at FEMA IPB in the Lecture and Discussion session on Food, Drinks, Ramadan Health, and Lebaran Healthy Lines, there are at least 9 principles of healthy dinner that we can apply during fasting.

That way, the body will stay healthy, and the immune system will be maintained, especially when fasting in the midst of a pandemic. What principles should we apply? Here’s the full review:

Food and drink

Iftar alone is not enough to be able to restore the body’s energy lost after fasting for approximately 13 hours. For that, we also need to eat a balanced diet at dinner.… Read More