Healthy: 7 important reasons to eat more vegetables

Healthy- Vegetables are super healthy foods that you should consume every day. Unfortunately, many people don’t like vegetables, even adults. Many adults think that not eating vegetables will not have a big effect on your health because you have always felt that your body is quite healthy.

If you have that thought, here are the reasons why you should eat vegetables every day.

Help reduce weight

If you are trying to lose weight, eat lots of vegetables instead of carbohydrates. Vegetables that are rich in water and fiber will get rid of toxins and fat in the body. While the fiber content is able to make you always feel full.

Brighten skin

People who diligently eat vegetables will have a more radiant skin appearance than those who do not eat them. Because the content of carotenoids in vegetables can make your skin smooth and shiny.

Improve eyesight

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