The SN Rushmore project named four pro athletes from the 13 cities that have had at least four of the following five leagues represented for at least 20 years – NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA. While there were no hard-and-fast rules pertaining to the athletes selected, our panel of experts considered individual resumes, team success and legacy within the sports landscape of each city. Multiple players from the same franchise were allowed, and not every franchise needed to be represented. All sports fans have an opinion on this topic. This is ours.

The Bay Area isn’t necessarily synonymous with the word grit, and neither are many of the best pro athletes to ever call it home. Rice, Montana, Bonds, Mays, Henderson, McCovey and Barry all made greatness look so damn Stephortless.

But then you dig a little deeper and start to understand what makes them great.

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