Diet: 11 Workouts to Lose Weight

Diet– If you are on a diet program, exercise is important to lose weight to be more effective. You need to exercise regularly and regularly. So that your weight or diet becomes more leverage. In addition to regular exercise, you must regulate your daily food intake to lose weight effectively.

Expand the consumption of healthy foods that contain lots of protein, so that the maximum weight loss process and body health are maintained. Launching from the Hello Sehat page of the Ministry of Health, there are several sports that you can do to lose weight:


Walking is one of the easiest exercises to do when you want to lose weight. The reason is, you don’t need to need special sports equipment and you can do it anywhere. For example, you can walk around the housing complex for 30 minutes every day. If done regularly, the weight loss process will be more effective.


If walking is not enough, you can run. Running is a fairly effective exercise to lose weight, especially if it is done regularly every day.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is also one of the sports that can lose weight. You just have to prepare to skip if you want to do this sport. Jumping rope is believed to have the effectiveness of burning calories like when you are jogging.


Cycling can also be a sport that can lose weight. In addition to exercising, you can also take a walk by bicycle to various places you want to visit. Cycling is also one of the sports that is trending in the midst of a pandemic.


The next sport that can lose weight is swimming. Besides being able to lose weight, swimming is also a sport that does not cause an excessive impact on the body.

Interval training

High-intensity training, also known as interval training, is an intense cardio workout that burns calories in the shortest amount of time. This sport is certainly very helpful in losing weight effectively. In addition, this exercise can also help shrink a distended stomach.


Yoga is also one of the sports that can lose weight if done regularly. You can also do this exercise at home and there are many yoga tutorials that you can find on the internet.


Almost similar to yoga, you can also do Pilates to help lose weight. You can do this exercise for about 30 minutes regularly every day.


Aerobics may be familiar because it has been introduced since elementary school. This exercise can also really help you lose weight while on a diet program. Besides being able to lose weight, aerobic exercise is also beneficial for health, especially respiratory and heart.


Self-defense is an alternative sport that can lose weight effectively. In addition, this sport is also useful if things go wrong, for example, when you have to fight. You can do various types of martial arts such as silat, karate, taekwondo, muay Thai, boxing, and many other martial arts.

Go up and down stairs

If you have trouble finding sports facilities, you can use the stairs to exercise. Because going up and down stairs can also help the weight loss process during your diet program.