Is kratom leaf legal to use?
In Indonesia, kratom has been added to the New Psychoactive Substances (NPS) list by the National Narcotics Agency Laboratory (BNN). It’s just that Kratom or Bali Kratom has not been included in Minister of Health Regulation No. 13 of 2014.
Kratom is thought to have effects such as opiates and cocaine. And although it has been included in the NSP, Kratom circulation has not been regulated by law, so the legality is still questionable. Even today, there are still many pros and cons regarding kratom and Red Bali kratom, both in Indonesia and abroad.
Then, is kratom still safe to use as medicine?
Kratom controversy arises because of the side effects it can cause. Continuous use of kratom can cause addiction, anorexia, and insomnia. Even in low doses, kratom can cause side effects such as hallucinations and anorexia.
Researchers have confirmed the addictive nature of kratom and found that excessive use of kratom can cause problems with learning abilities, memory, and other cognitive abilities. Kratom dependence can also cause side effects such as nausea, sweating, tremors, sleep deprivation or insomnia, and hallucinations for that if you can buy kratom
Because until now no rules have been issued regarding kratom specifically regarding its circulation, impact, and use, so you need to monitor your family members since kratom is still sold freely, especially the benefits of kratom are also still medically questioned.
kratom can act as a stimulant and help increase focus. As for use with high doses, kratom can be a sedative that produces anti-pain effects like opium

Is kratom a medicinal plant or a prohibited drug?

This crop for about 300,000 farmers in Kalimantan is a source of income. Matthew, called Mario by his village people, for example, is among them. Without using tools, he climbed a dozen meters high kratom tree in the forest in Tembak village, Sintang District, West Kalimantan. The tree has a single trunk so Mario has to flank his legs to get to the top of the tree. Arriving at the top, he took out his machete and began to cut down the leafy branches. Once he had had enough, he went down the same way he went up. That was the kratom harvest that day.